It all started in 1970 in Louisville, KY with an 11 year old boy seeing his father lose his career due to the company he worked for going bankrupt. Tom decided to start Tom Spalding Insurance Agency in 1998. Tom started to represent more than 70 Insurance Companies all over the nation. Their Secret? Doing what no other Insurance Agency had ever done for their clients and employees. Fast, friendly, accurate, only using licensed agents, and always a live person to answer the phone. And of course the best rates and coverages! It’s what makes Spalding Insurance Group the most caring insurance agency available. It’s the service you desire and have every right to expect.

Tom Spalding’s father delivered bread for Linker’s Bread Company in Louisville, KY. He had accumulated 5 weeks vacation, pension, great benefits, and at the age of 57 after working hard for 36 years was nearing retirement and was doing great. One day his father came home as he always did at the end of the day. This time he noticed a tear coming down his Dad’s eye. Tom had never seen his father cry before so was really scared. He asked his Dad what was wrong and his father told him the company had gone bankrupt and he was out of a job, lost his benefits, paid vacation, and all the money he had saved for retirement. This would later have a profound effect on him at such a young age.

Tom knew at that young age that he would have a career that would never be dependant on someone else, be part of a company that took care of its employees and did wonderful things for his clients. He also learned his hard work ethic and how to pick yourself back up when life knocks you down from his father also.

In 1998 Tom Spalding Insurance was started. The agency at that time was only representing Allstate Insurance Company. They quickly became the #1 agency in the state of Kentucky for eight years. They also continually ranked in the top 1% of all agencies in the nation. Although they had achieved a pinnacle of being the best at Allstate they still felt they did not have the best prices and coverage’s for every client every time.

To much criticism from many disbelievers the agency decided to sell off their interest in Allstate Insurance and start Spalding Insurance Group in 2005. They announced their goal was to represent over 70 Top Insurance Companies and be able to help clients all over the nation. This would truly embody the type of company that Tom vowed to have when his father had lost everything. You see this was a pretty impossible goal to most in the insurance business since independent agencies only represented about 5 Companies and only did business in Kentucky. To many outside the organization this seemed like a crazy idea. It was simply not possible and would never happen. Team Spalding fought each day even harder to help each client and get the Companies that had the best rates for the best coverage available. In keeping with their vision of having a company that would truly be an amazing tool for their clients they kept putting on companies and adding states to serve their clients better.

Now Spalding Insurance Group represents well over 70 top insurance companies and does business all over the United States. They have won several Customer Service Awards and are continually ranked as a Top Agency in the Nation year after year. They have kept their promise by realizing they truly are working for the client.

They truly have broken down the barriers of how insurance agencies handle their clients. They have many processes that other agencies just don’t do. They only have licensed agents. Yes, that is right, no customer service representatives, or telemarketers. This ensures that the client always gets correct and helpful advice. They really do understand that they work for the client. The rates are always accurate and they always make sure that they let the client know what coverages they have and don’t have. The agency is always friendly and will work every possible out of the box way to solve clients questions. Annual reviews make sure the clients are advised and brought education and value to every call. They always stay proactive to make sure they call their clients if the rates go up, a claim has happened, a payment has not been made, or additional information is required by the company. This is just simply not done by an 800# company or any other agencies.

The agency has such a high dedication to serving their clients’ needs that other agents in town that are pretty good will simply never get a job offer from team Spalding. The agency year after year receives the companies that they represent highest service awards for taking care of their clients. Team Spalding has simply “called out” agents all over the nation to quit playing golf, start answering their phones, keep reasonable office hours and give their client’s way better service. They have built a reputation on getting clients and people they do business with of getting client after client referred to them. While most save money and get better coverages there are thousands that are happy to pay more money to make sure that their homes, autos, and lives are taken care of by caring professionals. They truly realize that when they first get you as a client that it is only the beginning. Everyone’s insurance needs change drastically every year and they make sure you have the right coverages you need always.


Meet Our Team

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John Dickinson, Owner

JoLynne Dickinson, Owner

Ari Schuh, Executive Office Director

Kylee Hamilton, Sales Agent